Minecraft-DragonFire Wiki

Dragon Description

Dragons are the main focus of this mod, spawning naturally in the wild, and can be peaceful or hostile. They can be tamed, ridden, and can act as guards. Dragons can be found in nearly every type of biome, with the exception of the Nether and the End. (You can, however, find dragon eggs on top of certain towers within the Nether.) Some dragons drop Dragons scales which can be used to make Dragon armor.

Dragon Nest

Every dragon species has or will have a unique nest where you can find their eggs. Depending on their aggression level they will attack you (ex: the Pteryx and Storm Stratus will attack you if you are anywhere near their nest), however, if you steal their eggs then every type of dragon will attack you no matter how territorial they are. If you give the parent dragons their favourite food then they will usually be distracted so you can take the dragon egg.

Different dragon nests will spawn in different types of biomes (ex: The Falcon are found in the Jungle and the Drake is found in the plains). Dragons will spawn in biomes that they have nests in (ex: the Deathgripper and Hideous Zippleback have eggs in the swamp biome and usually spawn there.) Almost any dragon can be found in any biome, so if you find a dragon in specific biome it doesn't mean you'll find that dragons nest there. Sometimes, you can follow a flying dragon back to their home nest.

Nests can be very different in appearance, from pillars to mushrooms to trees, or even floating sky islands. Some dragons are so big that their nests are entire dimensions like the Bewilderbeast.

Dragon Training

Currently, only dragons hatched from eggs can be tamed.

To train a dragon, you may need a variety of materials.

  • All dragons have a preferred food. Night Furies like fish, Bewilderbeasts like meat, etc. Looking at a dragon should tell you its favorite food.
  • The dragons will not eat the food if they are full, so you may need to wait for them to become hungry each time you feed them back to full.
    • This can be problematic, as they can fly away. For this reason, use multiple leads or a Dragon Command Staff on them to keep them there.
  • Some dragons take longer to train than others, depending on their aggression level.

At level 26, all dragons gain the ability to fly. Some are rideable at earlier levels, but the player will have almost no control over their flight. Some dragons need to be leveled up to a big enough size before they're deemed rideable. Baby dragons cannot be ridden, no matter their size.